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Why you should book with a BABO member.


A Balloon flight makes an exciting and surprising gift for all those special occasions and fulfils many personal ambitions.


Although ballooning in the UK has one of the best safety records in the world and is one of the safest forms of aviation, it is prudent to always check that you are using a properly licensed operator when you purchase a balloon flight. 


All BABO members are current holders of an Air Operators Certificate and have signed up to a Code of Conduct, to ensure that the very highest of standard are met. As a result, all BABO members will strive to provide excellent customer service and care and Members use national terms and conditions of sale.

You can make purchasing that special gift an easy experience, by using this website to find your local BABO operator.


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122, Austen House, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4AR


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